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    Multi-Purpose Compost - Salad Growers Compost
    The Natural Way To Grow
    2017 Autumn Deal
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    Multi Purpose Compost
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    Multi Purpose Compost
    The Natural Way To Grow
    Multi Purpose
    Garden Compost
    A premium grade compost which can be used throughout the garden offering excellent results.
  • Better Growing - Professional Mixes
    Professional Compost
    The Natural Way To Grow
    Mixes for the
    We offer bespoke mixes to the professional grower, with a range of additives including slow release fertilisers, perlite, herbicides and much more....

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The Natural Way To Grow

One of the most diverse compost ranges on the market today, our superb Multi Purpose Compost is a market leader and our Professional Compost Mixes are widely used by gardening experts.
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us?Because we are Reliable.

With over 30 years experience producing horticultural products, Better Growing delivers top quality composts for the hobby gardener and the professional grower, guaranteeing excellent results.

Reliable Delivery

Reliable Delivery.Ireland, U.K. and Europe.

Our products are available throughout the whole of Ireland, U.K. and across Europe, with prompt delivery times assured and very competitive delivery costs, making us the professionals choice.

Our Product Range

Our Product Range.For Indoor and Outdoor.

We have developed and refined our product range including our vibrant colourful packaging over 30 years, to offer a range of composts that suit all hobby gardeners and professional growers needs.

Some of our Products

This is a selection of our most popular products in the Growmoor range.


Our Multi-Purpose is ideal for general garden use and has superb fertilisation and water retention capabilities.

MP with John Innes

By adding John Innes we can improve root structure, plant stability and retention of fertilisers and water.

Professional Mixes

We can supply growing media to exact customer specifications in various grades of raw material, simply ask for details.

Irish Moss Peat

Produced from top quality Sphagnum Peat, Growmoor’s Irish Moss Peat has excellent aeration and moisture retention qualities.


Specially formulated for acid loving or lime hating plants such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Conifers.

Container & Basket

Rich Irish peats are blended with a proprietary granulated Slow Release Fertiliser to give no hassle feed all Summer through.

Salad & Vegetables

Sow your own salad crops, potatoes or vegetables and enjoy your very own freshly grown produce in your own allotment.

Soil Conditioner

Contains essential nutrients which help improve drainage and soil condition for a variety of plants, flowers & vegetable patches.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Fantastic product range. I haven't found a reason to look elsewhere or use any other products for any of my planting needs!

    Janine Bennett Dungannon
  • I run a small landscaping business and I have special requirements for planting that are always met. Great service and delivery when needed.

    Terence Carlisle Carlisle Landscapes.
  • The new range of composts are fantastic. My customers gravitate to the new bags over any of the competitors, the images and colours are great.

    Samantha McGuinness Blue Daisy Garden Centre.
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